This term, Keren embarked on a reflective journey about their time in year 7.

This allowed them to explore their favourite memories, trips and lessons, as well as any tips and advice they have learnt. They created an ebook that includes these highlights and interviewed key staff members about working in secondary. This allowed them to focus on their interview skills as well as their ICT skills.

Teacher’s Reflection

“I really enjoyed watching the students think honestly about the advice that they would pass on as it showed what they have learned this year. It was also lovely to hear their personal highlights and know that the trips and projects were fun and exciting.

The most challenging thing was constructing the e-book into a format that looks professional. We wanted the information to be organised into sections as opposed to just being on the page. Trying to teach the students to place pictures in an orderly manner was a challenge.

Next time, I would perhaps prepare an e-book format prior and have the students place the information in. This is so that it achieves the intended look. The launch was a fun success as the students had a survival challenge where they had to survive on a desert island.”

— Bethany Rentall

Student Reflection

“I enjoyed thinking about my year. I liked creating my e-book and doing my vlog. I learnt how to do more things on the computer like how to create a movie!”

– Liam

“I enjoyed finding images to add to my survival guide. I learnt how to plan a day of lessons and interview people professionally.”

– Rafael

“The project taught me that confidence is vital!”

– Shamai

“I learnt how to give good advice.”

– Reuben