At Gesher school, we are a rounded team of passionate educators who focus on a whole-child approach to ensure we are meeting the needs of our learners’. Our specialist and experienced team comprise of teachers, therapists, teaching assistants and support staff which also includes our very own therapy dog ‘Toby’!

Staff work together in a multi-disciplinary approach to empower all learners to access the curriculum to their full potential and make good progress in all areas of their development.  In the classroom, teachers plan multi-sensory lessons to support children’s learning styles, with an emphasis on their emotional well-being. Our Therapy team, which includes Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Dramatherapy, Art Therapy, Lego Therapy and an Educational Psychologist, provide on-going support within the day-to-day routine. Teaching Assistants play a vital role in further assisting learners as they navigate their way through the day. As a team of educators we believe that this specialised way of empowering young children to learn, be curious and navigate the world around sets them up for success.


We are delighted to announce the introduction of a Co-Headship model as we continue to expand from a primary school for young people with mild to moderate learning differences, to an all-through school. The Co-Headship is a partnership between Tamaryn Yartu and Nikeisha Webb-Hardy. Tamaryn has been the Headteacher at Gesher since 2020, and oversees the primary phase of the school, while Nikeisha, who has already spent a year at Gesher as a Deputy Head, is responsible for the secondary phase of the school. This partnership ensures that Gesher continues to efficiently progress through its next phases of development.

"Gesher is an outstanding school which provides children such as ours with an exceptional opportunity to learn and develop. We could not ask for more from them or be happier."

Gesher Parent

"Quite simply, Gesher School is an outstanding example of what can be done for SEN children – our child is a totally different child and I always feel as though you have her best interests in mind. The knowledge and expertise of staff members is truly impressive and what it more they have a fantastic sense of empathy and understanding which is rare."

Gesher Parent