Media and digital based work is at the heart of the learning experience at Gesher. To ensure our young people have the best possible opportunities in this area we have a dedicated design space, The Wolfson Makerspace. Here students can develop their creative skills, collaborate with others and ultimately produce work that is meaningful to them.

The Makerspace is split into 4 unique areas, The Factory, The Collaboration Zone, The Media Zone and The Reflection Zone. As well as these state-of-the-art spaces we also have a staff Media Team with a wealth of professional experience from working in the creative industry. They are on hand to support our young people using our spaces’ facilities. The media team also provide training to our teachers and teaching assistants to up-skill them on equipment and software.

The media projects our students produce allow them to build an impressive portfolio of work which forms a key part of how we assess their progress. We find this allows them to play to their strengths in a way that traditional assessments such as GCSEs do not. Below is a little sample of some of our students’ amazing work!


This incredible piece of work was created by our Year 7 and 9 students using skills they learnt and developed in our Wolfson Makerspace. They then took these skills to an actual real-life recording studio (huge thanks to JLP Productions for allowing us to use their space).