To crystallise what our school is about, members of the Gesher community, as well as friends and supporters from our wider community, reflected on who we are and what we wish Gesher School to achieve over the coming years.

The result of dozens of conversations led to the creation of our Gesher blueprint, a document which captures our ambitions and core design principles. Our blueprint is like a compass: it guides all our conversations, it inspires our teaching and learning, and it enables us to sharply focus our quality-assurance processes. If what we do helps us turn our blueprint into reality which all of us can be proud of, then we’re on the right track. If it doesn’t, we are able to reassess our practices and reshift our focus. 

Focusing on all areas of school life – including the way we work as a community, how we wish to engage with our neighbours, how we want to develop partnerships with employers, as well as, for instance, how we wish to use technology and space during in relation to our young people’s learning – the blueprint will be used as a platform upon which we develop all aspects of what happens throughout the year.