At Gesher, we are fortunate to have an in-house chef, Miss Caroline, as part of the school team. She is supported in the kitchen by Miss Rai, who is a trained assistant. Together they create various nutritious meals with different textures and tastes for our pupils to explore.

Miss Caroline

Miss Rai







All food served at Gesher is Kosher and prepared according to our Kashrut principles (see below for details). We are a NUT-FREE SCHOOL, meaning that no nuts or products containing nuts should be brought onto school premises. We are also a healthy school. 

Our lunchtimes are more than just a time for our students to re-fuel with some yummy food.  We also use them as a chance to teach important motor skills, like using a knife and fork and as a great opportunity for our young people to develop their social skills. Students sit at round tables allowing them to interact with a range of peers, with adults sitting at the tables to supports students where necessary. Each table also has a box of ‘conversation starters’ which students can use as a means of starting conversations. Lunchtime is also a chance for students to learn about the importance of keeping an area tidy and all students are encouraged to clean the tables they’ve been sitting at.

Kashrut Policy