In line with our Blueprint, we believe that every young person should be profoundly well-known’ and, as such, that their learning should be personalised and informed by their passions and interests.

To support our young people, a trans-disciplinary approach is used. This means that our teachers, therapists, teaching assistants, parents and carers work very closely together. This ensures that each young person has an individually tailored provision of care throughout their school day.  The learning team commits to equally and continually discussing the needs of each young person, and providing the most effective education and therapeutic model of practice. 

Upon starting at Gesher, a range of formal and informal assessments are used to get an understanding of each young person’s needs and provide individual, and group, therapy based upon what is identified. Furthermore, the therapy team work alongside teachers in the classrooms in providing the appropriate equipment, environment and provision for each young person.

Gesher offers a range of core therapies including speech therapy, occupational therapy and Dramatherapy and Art Therapy  to support young people with their learning and developmental needs. These therapists work at Gesher on a full-time basis, and utilise a three tiered approach: universal (for all), targeted (for small groups), and specialist (for individuals). All young people benefit from the therapy team working within our classrooms, offering ongoing advice and providing training and workshops for staff and parents. 

Our curriculum is one which is rooted in Project-Based Learning approaches. This  means that our young people are supported to engage in rigorous and authentic learning experiences, thus connecting them to the world beyond our school’s gates. The learning that is designed by our teaching team and is one which focuses on developing engaging projects that develop our young people’s sense of agency, their ability to collaborate constructively and encourage collective achievement.