With thanks to High Tech High for allowing us to share their student’s beautiful work.

The Food for Thought project focused on why and how to make healthy food choices. Students researched the food industry in America and the deceptive nature of fast-food advertisements. They learned how to read food labels and discovered the many benefits of vitamins and minerals.

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Students selected a vegetable to grow and research, de-signed a kid-friendly recipe that included their vegetable, calculated the nutritional content of their recipe, cooked their recipe many times, and took professional photos of the results. Ultimately, the students compiled a professional cookbook of healthy vegetable recipes for kids. During exhibition, students in chef’s hats stood by their cook-book pages and educated visitors about the benefits of their vegetable, how they calculated the nutritional value of one serving of their recipe, and the importance of making healthy food choices.


Teacher Reflection

This project stretched beyond the classroom to connect school and home. I was struck by how powerful it was to involve parents in the critique process. Many parents told me that their child had never cooked before, or was now more appreciative of the food on their table. When you hold the cookbook in your hands, and flip through its beautiful pages, it is clear that 56 children cared deeply about their work.


Student Reflections

We made our recipe at home with the help of our family and then they tried it and gave some critique. They gave some celebrations and suggestions. We took the suggestions into consideration and changed our recipes. This was a very unique form of critique because it allowed for our families to get very involved with our project and truly get an inside look at what we were learning in class.


Eating fresh and balanced meals make a big difference in one’s well-being. When you eat what you choose, ask yourself, “This tastes good, but how does this affect my health?”

—Izadora & Aleia


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