This term, the enthusiasm for learning through projects continued. Students Focused on lines and angles and explored how these are used in everyday life. Our big question was: How can we use lines and angles to support recreation and wellbeing?

In this term’s project, students used lines and angles to create their own game. The latest research by Oxford University conducted in 2020 shows that playing games can help to improve our mental health and wellbeing. Students, therefore, had an ‘Inter-school Wellbeing” Game-a-Thon. We invited another school within our community to join us for a wellbeing morning where students played the games that they had created. This provided a fantastic opportunity for Keren to socialise with peers outside of their immediate school community and continue to develop their skills of self-advocacy and confidence in oracy. Our therapy team was also integral to this term’s project as students worked on their social skills and learnt how to use various equipment such as rulers, compasses and protractors correctly.

Teacher’s Reflection

“The best thing about this project was seeing the progress and development of students’ fine motor skills as they learnt how to use a protractor and ruler. The students grew immensely in confidence and became more willing to take risks in their projects.

The most challenging aspect of this project was perhaps the most rewarding as students initially struggled with using the correct equipment. Some students felt frustrated throughout the process but were resilient enough to keep going. I spent lots of time teaching students how to hold a ruler and compass correctly. The result, despite the challenge, was amazing to see!” – Nikeisha Webb-Hardy

Student Reflection

“This project taught me to expand my imagination.”

– Stephen

“I enjoyed playing games and getting to meet new people. The highlight was when the students from the other school came in.”

– Rafael

“The highlight of the project was designing the game, even though it was hard.”

– Poppy