Gesher School is delighted to announce the introduction of a Co-Headship model as it continues its expansion from a primary school for young people with mild to moderate learning differences, to an all-through school. The Co-Headship will be a partnership between Gesher’s current Headteacher, Tamaryn Yartu, and Nikeisha Webb-Hardy. Tamaryn has been the Headteacher at Gesher since 2020, and will oversee the primary phase of the school, while Nikeisha, who has already spent a year at Gesher as a Deputy Head, will be responsible for the secondary phase of the school. The partnership will also ensure that Gesher continues to efficiently progress through its next phases of development.

In September 2021, Gesher School expanded into an all-through school, catering for students from Reception to Year 11. Currently, the school has 51 students, and over the next five years will grow to over 100. A key milestone for the development of Gesher over the coming years will be the expansion of the secondary phases of the school, while also retaining the high standards set within the primary phase. Having a Co-Headship model will facilitate expertise within each phase and ensure that there is continuity and an effective transition for students as they progress throughout their time at Gesher. 

The Co-Headship has also been designed to support Gesher’s ambition of developing into a ‘Centre of Excellence’, within the education system. Specifically, the model of Co-Headship will allow for the capacity of both heads to engage in their outreach work. In turn, it is hoped this will create many more opportunities for collaboration and development than could be achieved under a single headteacher. 

Speaking about their new joint roles, Tamaryn and Nikeisha said:

“We are deeply committed to supporting the holistic development of all students at Gesher, and will put the needs and well being of students at the heart of all decisions made. We are very excited about co-leading Gesher through the next phase of its development”.