This term Gefen were so excited to start their first PBL project. They looked at the theme of ʻOut in the Wildʼ and answered the big question ʻHow Would You Survive Out in the Wild?ʼ 

To answer this question they looked at survival skills such as navigation skills. As part of our launch week, the students took part in forest school activities and learned how to create a den, make tools out of wood and cook in the wild. In literacy, they studied the text about Katie Morag who lives on a remote island in Scotland and looked at what it is like to live on a remote island in Scotland. They also looked at different cultures such as nomads and found out how they survive in the wild. By the end of the project, the children were able to create their own models which showed how to survive in the wild and they could all explain why they had included different sections of their mini ‘Out in the Wild’ world.

Teacher’s Reflection

“I think that Gefen’s first project went well. The children seemed to enjoy the activities and were all able to learn different survival skills and knowledge about how you can survive in the wild. It was great to see them develop from first gaining knowledge to being able to share and present their knowledge during the final exhibition. The forest school trip was a great launch activity as it gave the children first-hand knowledge on how to survive in the wild and taught them basic skills.

They enjoyed the trip, however, I feel that some of them could have benefitted from a longer session to learn more survival skills. I feel that the exhibition went well but that it would have been nice to have invited the parents and hopefully that will be possible for our next project. I would also like to incorporate more IT into the next project – e.g. Different video and picture apps for the children.

What was the best thing about the project?

  • Seeing the children learn survival skills
  • Watching the children during the exhibition day excited to show their work and able to talk about what they had done and explain how you can survive out in the wild

What did I find challenging?

  • Finding different opportunities for the children to experience ‘Out in the Wild’
  • Trying to cover all the parts of the project in a limited time” – Stephanie Sungtong

Student Reflection

“I liked learning about how to cook in the wild and making the mini world, especially the mini vegetables.”

– Yoni

“My favourite part was the exhibition because I liked talking about it – and I learnt to build a shelter.”

– Ari

“The project was brilliant. I liked learning how to make a fire in the wild!”

– Bobbie