It has been a great week back in Chitah class!
Our topic this term is living things where we will be learning all about the life cycle and the many vast and wonderful creatures in this world.
To help us do this, we have introduced David Attenborough and his adventures discovering and learning all about animals on Planet Earth.
This topic will be cross-curricula this term, and will be used to support in our other lessons to help make the learning impactful, cohesive, and relevant.
We had a fantastic Thursday this week celebrating Israel’s birthday where we went on a virtual tour of Israel using VR goggles and augmented reality technology. We also cooked Israeli food, and went for our very first trip as a class when we went on a mile walk outside of the school to celebrate Israel’s Independence Day. Hopefully we will be able to do more excursions like this in the coming months as the covid restrictions begin to relax, as it was a great opportunity to practice a range of skills within a different context.
Well done Chitah class for a fantastic first full week back.

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