D’vash class have had a brilliant week!
We welcomed a new friend into D’vash class and all of the children have worked hard to be friendly and help Avi learn the different routines we have at school. D’vash class feels very busy with all eight children and it is lovely to see all of the friendships continuing to develop as everyone improves their social skills.
The ducklings were a huge hit in D’vash class. The children showed their caring skills by being calm and quiet when visiting the ducklings, and the ducklings first swim was a highlight of the week. We learnt some facts about ducks, including their body parts and life cycle.
In Math we have been focusing on making tally charts and counting in twos, fives and tens. We reviewed representing numbers in different ways, using counters, pictures and stickers.
In Literacy we have continued searching for Abe and Alba from the Adventure story and worked on writing labels and sentences for our own story.
Amazing work as always D’vash class!

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