Over the last two weeks, Rimon have been busy classifying and exploring. We have all been completing Bug Books exploring and describing the features and scientific names of key minibeasts.
In Maths, we have been working on directional language to describe movements and turns. We have been instructing Beebots and the robot on A.L.E.X app to turn right, left, clockwise, anticlockwise, forwards and backwards. It’s been tricky but we have got our heads around it!
We have made some wonderful Minibeast mobiles in Art and explored the microhabitats of insects in our local area. We are definitely mad about Minibeasts!
We are also busy preparing for Shavuot and loved our enrichment day on Wednesday, where we baked, made beautiful flower crafts to decorate our homes and recalled the Story of Ruth.
In Literacy, we explored the story ‘The Littlest Mountain,’ and discussed the significance of Mount Sinai.

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