What a wonderful start back to the term we have had!
We have started exploring our new topic of farm animals. We have explored fun songs and have had some fantastic art lessons where wedecorated our favourite farm animals for our new classroom display. We have been looking at animals and the differences between younger animals and older animals, and what the correct names for them are.
In Maths we have started looking at money and different coins! Some of us have been exploring adding money together whilst others have been identifying lots of different coins. We have also started looking at problem solving with money by creating a shop and adding and subtracting different amounts.
In Literacy we have been learning how to find facts and how to research safely on the iPad. We have collected facts about our favourite farmyard animals and have made sure we use safe websites.
Finally, we have had some wonderful time in the forest on Friday afternoon; we explored in the sunshine and had fun looking at all of the wonderful flowers that grew over our two weeks off.
What a super start back to the term!

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