In Keren this term, students studied the novella Jekyll and Hyde with a key focus on duality and social justice. Through this term’s project students aimed to emphasise Jewish values, and the importance of advocacy through charity work. Students explored the concept of the duality of man with a focus on what drives our morals and values in our day to day decisions and choices.



Keren had an exciting journey with them showcasing their skills and talent in their final product. Parents were very supportive as they provided an authentic audience for students to experience the real world of production. They were able to access the expertise of costume designers, artistic directors, actors and playwrights through our production workshops. Lights! Camera! Action! On production day, students had an immersive experience as they got their makeup professionally done by an external make-up artist, and lots of opportunities to show what they had learnt in English, Science, PSHE and other subject areas.

Teacher’s Reflection

“The best thing about this project was seeing and hearing the great sense of pride that students felt and expressed in presenting their final product! Students demonstrated much confidence and significant improvement in their oracy skills through the immense work and support from our therapy team. Importantly, there was raised awareness of social justice as students had debates about rights, responsibilities, equality, fairness and diversity.

One of the greatest challenges with this project was not with the actual content, but rather with getting students to navigate the social dynamics of working as a team. Students found it challenging to be patient and to take turns in presenting. Moreso, demonstrating resilience in repeating rehearsals to get it right was not the easiest skill for Keren to Master. With lots of support from our Therapy team, students were able to navigate these challenges, learning many key social skills in the process.” – Nikeisha Webb-Hardy

Student Reflection

“It taught me how to do some acting, how to work as a team and build my confidence”

– Moshe

“I learnt about social justice and how we should be kind to other people.”

– Poppy

“I was pleased at the end because I remembered all of my lines.”

– Riley

“It taught me to know the difference between good and evil.”

– Shamai