This term we explored life in Great Britain and the differences between the four different countries by using our leading question, ‘What makes Britain great?’ We explored popular cuisines, and landscapes across Great Britain and made newspaper articles to reflect all of our knowledge.

We started the project by going on a hop on hop off bus trip around London, which we later used to choose our favourite landmark and sketched them out using different materials. We each researched places that we were from or that we were interested in and presented them to the class. We also had a special afternoon tea, where we took inspiration to create our final product the ‘Great Gesher Bake Off’.

To end our project, we invited all parents to our ‘Gesher Cafe’. Here, they were given ‘Great British’ treats that we made, had front row tickets to our ‘Great Gesher Bake Off’ event, read our newspaper reports and looked at the art exhibition of our drawings.

Teacher’s Reflection

“Considering it was only our second Project for a group of varied pupils with additional needs, it was a huge success! Especially with so many of our pupils who have sensory difficulties around food. They seemed to enjoy the variety of styles of learning and having more control over their own learning – I created digital worksheets for them and many of the pupils mentioned that they enjoyed using the laptops. I am really proud of their top trump cards, as I was trying to think of a more creative way to engage them in their learning which was a success.

I also loved how enthusiastic they were on the PBL Exhibition day and how much they thrived when their parents came in. If I did it all again, I would ensure to incorporate more history lessons as I think it would have enhanced their learning on Great Britain as a whole.” – Rowan Eggar

Student Reflection

“I thought it was good because it was full of fun things like making food and I got to show my parents. Overall it was amazing! It was a good journey in my learning. The only thing was the apple crumble was too cinnamon-y.”

– Ben

“I loved 99% of the project. I didn’t really like the exhibition. The exhibition just didn’t really capture what I like, but at least I got tea! I would’ve liked the exhibition if it felt longer.”

– Daisy

“I learnt that you can do top trumps in a different way. I learnt about Scotland and it has the oldest tree in Great Britain, and that the official animal is the unicorn. I learnt about newspaper articles and different recipes from Britain.”

– Moishy