Ali and Sarah were asked to define what Gesher means to them — what is the Gesher way? Hereʼs what they had to say…


Gesher has a number of different elements that make it truly unique. And whilst it they are all critical in the development and the outcomes of our students, it is the people in the school, around the school and behind the school that make it unique.

Collectively they are part of a relational community who are working towards a greater good and purpose; whose unconditional care and persistent commitment to our students that has enabled the school to flourish.

They form the character, culture, and heartbeat of the school. One of relational warmth, care, and compassion, where every voice is heard and every voice matters.  A commitment to being bold and brave, with a relentless pursuit of ensuring equity and opportunity. And where all children and young people are celebrated for who they are and the work they do.


This is the Gesher way.



Rabbi Sacks zʼl said

“The world our children will inherit tomorrow is born in the schools

we build today”.

The word ʻwayʼ has two meanings. It can mean ʻa method or a style of doing thingsʼ or it can be ʻthe pathway, track to travelʼ. And those two meanings perfectly encompass Gesher. The word Gesher means bridge. We aim for every one of our students to successfully step onto their bridge, ʻtheir pathʼ, walk across it and embrace all the opportunities the world has to offer. But to do that successfully takes a team of support.

The Gesher Way encompasses ambition, building relationships, having compassion and fundamentally – being collaborative.

We have sought to create a community of young people, parents, educators, therapists, exemplary schools, experts in SEND and autism, volunteers, philanthropists and foundations, future employers and faith-based organisations; all with a voice, all with a purpose and a part to play in the development of Gesher.