In Maths, some of the children have continued working on the different rules for addition and subtraction. At the same time, others have been focusing on their number sequences and matching numbers with their qualities using concrete objects.
In Literacy, the children have focused on living things themed ‘Code Breaking’ by creating visuals for their codes and writing secret words or sentences for the adults in the class to ‘crack’. In addition, part of the class has been looking at the book ‘Mrs Wishy Washy’s farm’ and looking at farm-animal themed lessons. We have had fantastic Science lessons looking at Life Cycles. We have focused on the frog, ladybird, butterfly life cycles, and the children’s choices of the spider and the owl. We are so excited for the live caterpillars to arrive next half term so that we can see the butterfly’s life cycle right in action. I am so proud of all the children for their hard work and perseverance this half term! Well done!!
Have a great half-term break!!

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