As we approach the end of the term, Tamar have been reflecting on the work completed in class. All pupils have demonstrated an increased understanding of the life cycle processes of living things. Our planting project has been a mixed success with some of our plants thriving whilst others have not survived the terrible recent weather!
Luckily our butterflies fared better and were released into the garden last week. There has been real progress in Maths and all pupils have consolidated their learning about measuring angles, area and translation of shapes. We are continuing with our book “Holes” which explores many different themes including racial prejudice and how we resolve conflict as individuals and as a society. These are also themes we have explored in our circle time sessions with Miss Danielle and the class have discussed how we define friendship and what to expect from our friends.
We have looked at examples of times in school when it has been hard to get along with each other and what action we could take to make better choices. Due to the poor weather this term we have been unable to do P.E outside much. Nevertheless, this presented the opportunity to have some friendly games of indoor table tennis and include our friends in Chitah class. It’s been amazing to see the progress pupils are making through hard work and perseverance.
The class are all learning the valuable lesson that it’s ok to make mistakes as long as we try to learn from them and always try our best.
Have a great half term.

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