We are continuing with our topic of “Living things” and every pupil is fully engaged with the subject of life cycles – our butterflies have now formed the chrysalis and we are eagerly monitoring them before the transformation into the final stage!
The classroom is evidence to all the hard work we have completed with lots of great work on display.
We will also be planting our tomatoes outside now they have been nurtured and watered in class.
The class are enjoying this term’s book “Holes” and it has prompted some very interesting conversations around the subject of rules vs laws. This is a topic we have explored further in our PHSE/circle time sessions with Miss. Danielle.
I am particularly pleased with the progress made by the class in Maths and how they have grasped key geometrical concepts such as angles, calculating area and translation of shapes. We will be looking at practical applications for these skills over the next few weeks.
Last week our P.E. session had to be moved inside due to the poor weather. However, this provided us with the opportunity to have an indoor table tennis competition, which was hugely successful and enjoyable for all. Everyone participated very well, and some important lessons were learned about turn taking and how to accept defeat graciously!
Good work Tamar!

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