Tamar enjoyed a really positive visit to the new school site and all the pupils are clearly looking forward to going there in September. Everyone was happy to see the abundance of space both in the school building and
the playground area.
Our topic across the curriculum this term is “Humans” and some very good work has been produced in several lessons. Last week we studied human anatomy learning about the function of numerous internal organs. Part of this topic links with RSE and the class have so far, shown maturity and the ability to talk openly about sensitive matters relating to the changes they are to expect as they grow older. I am very pleased with how all the class have engaged with this in their own way according to their own needs.
In Maths we have been recapping on previous work to consolidate learning around using measures and converting units from metric to imperial. In English we continue to work on comprehension using different kinds of text, fictional and non-fiction, developing our understanding of how different information is conveyed via different mediums. We shall also be looking at human rights and how charities such as UNICEF promote and help people sustain these rights across the globe. We have also welcomed Mr Sam back this week.

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